Ideal neighbourliness

29 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

In any society of the world, next door neighbours are usually the closest allies outside the families. Such fellow citizens depend on one another and are the first one to come to help in times of need. It is therefore urgent for every one in any society to maintain cordial relationship with their neighbours. Such a relation based on mutual help and cooperation binds all together and serves as the foundation of social cohesiveness. It is from the spirit of mutual dependence in their fight against nature that earliest men brought themselves under collective bonding and led to the formation of society.

This is equally important for the global society as well. It is for the uneven and unequal distribution of natural resources and technologies that modern day states and nations cannot exist and, therefore, develop in isolation from others. They depend on one another and exchange resources for mutual benefit. This has brought nations closer together and led to the formation of a huge number of regional and international organisations as vehicles of such cooperation.

Right from the emergence as an independent country, Bangladesh – basing itself on the avowed policy of friendship to all, malice to none – strictly adheres to the basic principle of mutual help and cooperation in its relations with others across the globe. There is hardly an instance where the country departed from this fundamental premise. On the basis of this code of relationship, Bangladesh always emphasises and maintains excellent relationship with all countries of the world, especially with close neighbours.

It is from this standpoint that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina once again stressed the need for better cooperation with neighbouring countries. She reiterated this while talking with the outgoing High Commissioner of India on Sunday. The friendship that Bangladesh and India maintain stood the test of time and came out to be one of the best of its kind between neighbours. These two common border neighbours immensely benefit from mutual help and cooperation. The country is also on good terms with all others – far and near. Bangladesh is committed to this basic principle and will never deviate from it.