Hasina transcends national boundary

28 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh is Sheikh Hasina’s first love. It is her topmost preference; nothing can come into conflict with this. She feels for the country from the core of her heart and is always ready to make any sacrifice and go to any length for the progress and prosperity of her dear land and the wellbeing of its people. The development of Bangladesh and the fast growing universal affluence of the masses is the embodiment of her immense love for it.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, like her illustrious father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is a great patriot and an ardent follower of nationalism. But she had never been a narrow nationalist always engrossed in the interest of her country alone. She is equally concerned about the life and death problems of the world people.

The Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a leader of truly global stature. He raised himself to this towering height through his lifelong struggle for the creation of an independent state for his fellow countrymen and boundless sacrifice he made for this. Like her father, Sheikh Hasina gradually established herself as an undisputed national leader. And, again, like her father, she steadily came out the national boundary through her concern for the world people and thus established herself as a global leader and earned great compliments from others around the globe.

Sheikh Hasina is the embodiment of love for her country and worry for world people. While raising at various global forums the issues concerning Bangladesh, she did not forget to put suggestions and proposals for the wellbeing of the world people. It is just the other day that this great magnificent leader, while addressing a high-level roundtable event on the sideline of the 75th UN General Assembly, placed a five-point recommendation to protect the planet and save people from the vagaries of climate change. In a similar fashion, she on Saturday asked the world community to treat Covid-19 vaccine as a global public good and urged the UN to ensure its timely availability to all countries at a time. Being a truly global leader, Hasina could not remain unconcerned for these major issues of the world community.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has raised the prestige of Bangladesh to an altogether new height. It is under her stewardship that the country has made its presence felt in a good number of world forums.

We wish far more successes for Sheikh Hasina.