Goethe-Institut launches funding initiative

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26 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Goethe-Institut launches funding initiative

The Goethe-Institut Bangladesh invites all Bangladeshi artists, art collectives, cultural activists, and cultural organisations to apply for funding for innovative projects under the initiative ‘Futures beyond the Self’.

The initiative seeks to provide a space for new ideas to flourish and for continued societal and collective engagements, as well as to support both individuals and collectives in their endeavour to reflect, critique, and suggest alternative futures and pathways of “being in the world”.

All individual or collectively practicing, visual artists, writers, choreographers, photographers, film makers, performers, media artists, musicians, mime artists, cultural journalists, cultural educators, cultural activists can apply for getting the respective project proposal.

A jury of artists and cultural activists together with representatives of the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh will review all applications and select the projects to be supported by the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh.

The criteria for the selection of a specific project proposal is based on factors such as the originality of the project idea, the artistic, creative, and/or academic excellence, the larity of the theme, objectives and formats, matching budget plan, evidence of working in the field of art, research, or learning for at least three years and previous experience implementing or participating in public art projects and shows.

The Goethe-Institut Bangladesh will award several projects within the total fund of 5 lakh under the ‘Futures beyond the Self’ initiative, while each of the projects and applicants can apply for support for their projects of up to 70,000 BDT.

All applications have to be submitted through https://www.goethe.de/ins/bd/de/kul/prj/cfa.html

Duly filled application form in PDF format including a detailed budget for the project implementation along with a CV has to be sent via email on or before October 5 at [email protected]

Goethe-Institut Bangladesh will communicate the results of all successful and unsuccessful applications to the respective artists via email after October 15, 2020. All projects have to be fully implemented by December 10, 2020.