Govt says no to procurement at unusual price

Special Correspondent

23 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The Cabinet Division has instructed different ministries and departments to remain alert in showing ‘unusual price’ while purchasing goods for any government project.

The government has been embarrassed recently as some media outlets made reports on some departments which showed exorbitant prices for purchasing goods available at low prices in the markets.

Apart from media reports, common people are also criticising the government through websites.

As a result, the authorities concerned were compelled to bring amendment to some of the projects.

In a letter, sent to the various ministries and departments, it was mentioned that some ministries and departments took projects exceeding the ceiling. 

“As a result, there is a lack of government’s revenue earning and allocation of fund for the ongoing projects. As projects are being taken beyond the ceiling, it is not possible to release the necessary fund to those projects,” said the letter.

Advising the ministries and divisions to remain alert on six issues, the Cabinet Division urged the authorities concerned for taking projects within the ceiling.

It asked the ministries to conduct feasibility study on the projects that cost more than Tk 500 million and a provision must be kept for appointing consultants in government to government projects. The Cabinet Division also advised the ministries to remain cautious while approving or scrutinising projects so that exorbitant price cannot be shown while purchasing any goods.

In case of additional fund for any project, the Cabinet Division also asked them to take prior consent from the finance division.