Govt fails to achieve Boro procurement target

Our Correspondent

20 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

DINAJPUR: The District Food Control Office in Dinajpur has failed to achieve the target of Boro rice procurement in the district this season due to short supplies from millers and farmers.

The food department fell short of about 50,000 metric tonnes of Boro rice and paddy to fulfil the target, according to the sources.

The district food department was set to procure 30,072 metric tonnes of Boro paddy in the current season of 2020. But they could manage to procure only 9, 153 tonnes of Boro paddy from 4,546 farmers of 13 upazilas in the district. They failed to purchase 20,919 metric tonnes of paddy.

Meanwhile, food department set to purchase 91,723 metric tonnes of boiled rice, but only 66,638 metric tonnes rice were supplied to the government warehouse. 25,085 metric tonnes rice fell short to achieve the target.

The district food department signed an agreement with 2,020 mill owners--1,831 husking mills owners and  This year, 2,020 mill owners signed an agreement with the food department to supply rice. Of these, 1,831 were owners of husking mills and 189 were auto rice mills owners.

It is learned that 1,346 mill owners have supplied rice to government warehouses. Of these, 1,208 owners have supplied total rice to the government warehouses and 138 owners have provided partial quantity of rice as per the agreement. A total of 674 mills owners did not supply rice to the government warehouse even after signing the agreement.

The district food department also failed to achieve the the target of procuring 12,871 metric tonnes of Boro sunned rice. The food department managed to procure 9,123 metric tonnes rice. 3,747 metric tonnes of rice was not supplied to the government warehouses.

It is learned that as per the agreement, 71 mill owners have supplied total amount of rice while 19 mill owners have supplied partially.

The district food department has decided to take punitive action against those 674 mills owners for not supplying rice even after signing the agreement.