Giving books not enough, offset learning gap

20 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

It is nice to know that the government will distribute free textbooks to all school students in due time. The NCTB officials who are entrusted to do the job have expressed optimism that the textbook festival will be held on the first day of the New Year 2021. It is undoubtedly a good initiative. We whole-heartedly welcome the official decision. It is because of wisdom of the prime minister the joyous festival is going to be held this year too despite coronavirus pandemic. Her government introduced the annual festival in 2010. This has brought discipline in the academic calendar, resulting in the holding of school exams on time and timely publication of results and other related issues. What is striking is that a deadly disease like Covid-19 will not be able to deter the authoritities from organising the textbook festival!

However, in the ongoing year, students did schooling for merely three months till March when coronavirus invaded the country. The establishment hurriedly announced closure of all academic institutions countrywide on March 17. It was compelled to take the hasty decision in an effort to contain the spread of the deadly disease. This has resulted in disruption in academic discipline. The educational institutions remained shut till date as coronavirus situation did not improve significantly.

Because of long closure of educational institutions, students could not finish their regular syllabus. This has created a void in their learning process. In the meantime, we have come to know that the students will be given auto-promotion. But there arises a question. Once they got promotion to the higher class, how will they make up for the gap in learning lessons of previous class? Ultimately, they will face difficulty in following the syllabus of the upper class. This is a major challenge being faced by the authorities. But, there is a remedy. Once the coronavirus situation improves, the students may be given a chance with additional time if needed to learn the lessons of previous classes. Alongside distribution of new books, the authorities will have to ensure that the students make up for their losses.