Agrani Bank supports 17,306 corona-hit enterprises

Staff Correspondent

20 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The state-owned Agrani Bank says it has supported 17,308 enterprises and individuals during the corona pandemic.

At the end of August, the bank has disbursed Tk 3.60 billion in this regard. Besides another Tk 8.62 billion of sanctioned loans is waiting for disbursement, says a release.

The information has been revealed in the latest report published by Agrani Bank Ltd. 

If the sanctioned loans can be disbursed to meet the government incentive targets, the nation’s economy can be brought up to speed, the says.

To achieve this goal, Agrani Bank is following the government dictations. 

According to the bank’s report, specialised incentive packages are given for working capital for the industries, salaries or wages for export oriented workers, CSME and agricultural sectors.

Credit facilities have been given for grain and crop cultivation, affected low income professionals, farmers and marginal businessmen.

Incentives have been given for back to back LC for imported raw materials. For all these sectors, Bangladesh Bank has set a target of Tk 25 billion for Agrani Bank.

According to the report, Agrani Bank has disbursed Tk 613.1 million from the allotted Tk 4.40 billion among 14,761 farmers under the crop sector.

From the allotted Tk 1.24 billion under the specialised incentive package for the agricultural sector, Tk 178.8 million has been disbursed among 2,106 farmers.

Whole amount of Tk 1.35 billion allotted for wages or salaries of export oriented workers has been disbursed to 106 industries. Tk 509.8 million has been disbursed within 4 industries as working capital along with a further Tk 1.86 billion is waiting to be disbursed within 25 industries.

Tk 259.9 billion has been disbursed within 48 enterprises under the CSME sector. Another Tk 3.27 billion is waiting to be disbursed within 223 enterprises.

For affected low income professionals, farmers and marginal businessmen Tk 474 million is waiting to be disbursed against 5 applications. Tk 669.2 million has been disbursed to 283 back to back LC under the incentive for back to back LC.