Uproot corruption to save economy

19 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Graft prevents a country’s economic growth by increasing investment cost.  It slows down administration and affects business operations and reduces tax revenue and the effectiveness of various financial assistance programmes. Corruption is a major obstacle to investment. It is unfortunate to state that corruption is rampant in Bangladesh in almost every sphere of life. Because of graft, local and foreign investors show reluctance to investing in our country. The bureaucratic tangle and corruption continue to hinder foreign investment. There is no denying the fact that corrupt practices are widespread in most of the government offices where files do not move without bribe. This is one of the major reasons why foreign investors are turning away from our country and choosing other countries to invest their valuable money. They find the investment climate in the country still unfavourable. Graft has slowed down our economic progress by way of discouraging investment. Corruption continues to be one of the greatest obstacles to our economic and social development. So, it should be eradicated without further delay.

Earlier, Bangladesh topped the global corruption list for several times, thereby tarnishing the image of the country to a great extent. As a nation it is shameful indeed!  Bangladesh, being a new country, should have been made graft-free much earlier. But, we are unable to say that our country is free from this vice. A graft-free administration is still a matter of future!

However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has vowed to build a graft-free administration. She called upon all to work in unison to achieve the goal.The premier is determined to prevent and control corruption as people’s welfare is her only concern. Her assertion is clearly a warning that betrayal of public trust will no longer be tolerated. So, her promise has kindled fresh hope in the hearts of the countrymen. If corruption cannot be uprooted completely, it can at least be reduced to a considerable extent by dint of united efforts. In a bid to sustain and accelerate the pace of the country’s ongoing development there is no alternative to uprooting the culture of bribery.