Farmers incline to use organic manures

14 August, 2020 12:00 AM printer

NARSINGDI: Farmers of the district are now inclined to apply organic and compost fertilizers which can increase crop productions and help substantial improvement of soil health, reports BSS.

Deputy Director (DD), Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Narsingdi Shovan Kumar Dhar said that the application of organic fertilisers also maintains ecological balance, bio-diversity and reduce the risks of pest attacks in the crop field.

He said use and production of organic fertilisers have been increasing in all six upazilas of the district where farmers have now set up huge heaps of compost, vermin compost and farmyard compost fertilisers.

He said the organic and compost fertilisers could increase crop production up to 15 percent in addition to improving environmental situation.

He said cultivators of the district are well aware of using the soil components and they do not use any more chemical fertiliser haphazardly or unnecessarily as before that destroys the productivity of their land.

“Now they are using organic fertilisers including cow dung and water hyacinth which poses some capacity to retain the production capacity of cultivable land” he said.

Cultivators of the district were made aware of that the repeated use of chemical fertiliser lessens the fertility of soil.

DD said that chemical fertilisers usually had one or two ingredients but a plant requires at least 13 ingredients for its survival and proper growth.

He said enriched compost fertiliser which is a mixture of bio and chemical components has almost all the ingredients that a plant requires.