Flood victims need assistance

13 August, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Normalcy has started coming back to the flood-affected areas    as flood situation continues to improve countrywide. The victims had to live under the open sky as their dwellings were washed away by floodwater. Now, they are desperately seeking government assistance to erect their houses and plant crops again in their land. Amidst the pandemic, floods have wreaked havoc across the county, and countless people have been made homeless as a result. Many of the victims took shelter on dams, dykes and educational institutions during the flood, and some have returned to their place of residence when the water receded, only to find their homes and croplands damaged or even worse, devoured by mighty rivers. The flood-hit people of northern and north-eastern regions, still spending their days under the open skies, are in desperate conditions without any means of income or adequate government assistance.

There seems to be no rehabilitation programmes for the victims, and it is quite clear that their situation will only worsen. Authorities claim that government aid – money and food – was mostly directed towards victims of river bank erosion, and they were also planning to provide corrugated iron sheets soon for rebuilding purposes. But what about the other victims who are suffering and who cannot afford to repair their destroyed homes? And what good will money do when they are unable to commute or purchase their necessities? As rehabilitation remains a far cry and as the government is yet to identify all the affected people, most of the victims continue to suffer helplessly.

Therefore, the government should mobilise necessary resources for all the flood-hit regions in order to provide systematic assistance immediately. The affected people do not have time to wait – they are hungry, homeless and without basic sanitation facilities. The government must help them build their homes again and address their needs now. The prime minister has asked the government officials to be cautious in case of distributing relief materials amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The government's top bureaucrat said that the prime minister has asked the authorities concerned to take preparations in advance to rehabilitate the flood-victims after the deluge.