No long-term dev plan for DSCC, DNCC

Rashidul Hasan

12 August, 2020 12:00 AM printer

No long-term dev plan for DSCC, DNCC

Two city corporations of Dhaka are yet to frame a long-term development plan to ensure better services to the residents, resulting in wastage of huge amount of public money through piecemeal development projects.

Urban planners said city dwellers are being deprived of receiving optimum utility services as such plans are not designed yet.

Dhaka City Corporation was bifurcated into two separate entities —Dhaka South City Corporation and Dhaka North City Corporation —amid protest by the opposition in 2011.

But residents allege that they are not getting the desired services as the authorities are yet to frame a long-term plan.

DNCC urban planner Dilbahar Ahmed said they take development projects as per the demand of people.

“The residents must have a vision that how they want to see the city after a certain period of time. That’s why a long-term plan must be outlined so that all the facilities must be ensured through the plan,” he said.

According to official documents, there are only six planners in the two city corporations.

Officials of the both city corporations said that the number of city planners is not adequate in comparison to other developed cities.

DSCC chief urban planner Sirajul Islam said that DSCC mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh directed them to make a 30-year master plan to turn Dhaka into a planned city.

“We will review the drainage master plan of Wasa, Detailed Area Plan and Revised Strategic Transport Plan and prepare a final one for DSCC prioritising waste management, waterlogging problems, reviving river channels and infrastructure development,“ he added.

Acknowledging no long-term plan, DNCC planners said they are preparing a local area plan for the newly added areas of the city corporation.

City planner Ashraful Islam laid an importance on formulating integrated plan for sustainable development on waste management, drainage network, environmental protection, infrastructure development and safe water.

“Instead of taking isolated development projects, the city corporations in consultation with other utility bodies concerned should take a long-term development plan to avoid overlapping of projects,” he said.

Bangladesh Institute of Planner general secretary Adil Mohammad Khan said, “Proper planning is a must. Planners must carry out the assessment before taking any project.”