Watch out for anti-liberation forces

12 August, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Unfortunate for a country is when the very quarter who opposed its independence almost 50 years back continues to hatch conspiracy to derail its progress. In another word, the conspirators, an alliance of both anti-government and anti-liberation elements, are hell-bent on destroying the country, which is evident in their continuous propaganda against the state, and spreading of rumours over various issues to shake public confidence in the government and harm bilateral relations with neighbouring countries. The truth about them is that they don’t feel comfortable as long as the country heads in the right direction, economy grows, social and political environment remains calm and peaceful, and a sense of normalcy prevails among the citizens.

It is indeed an irony that the anti-liberation forces neither made any attempt to come clean by repenting for their past mistakes, nor did they learn any lesson from history. In 1971, they thought they would be able to abort the birth of the nation by collaborating with Pakistan. Then in 1975 they thought they would be able to annihilate the spirit of liberation by killing the Father of the Nation along with his family members. And then in 2004, when they got a taste of state power thanks to BNP, they thought they would be able to usurp state power forever by crushing the opposition. The grenade attack on August 21 must have been motivated by such a senseless ambition. But none of their evil attempts worked out; rather it emboldened the spirit of Bangabandhu.

The people who are devoid of conscience and humanity can stoop so low as to betray their motherland. And very often anti-government elements team up with anti-liberation forces and religious terrorists against the democratic and secular values of the Liberation War carried forward by the Hasina government.

Therefore, we must remain alert against the nexus of conspirators to protect the ongoing progress of the country. Although the threat from these vested interest groups is a challenge for all of us, the law enforcers will be especially required to upgrade their skill and technology to foil their conspiracy against the people and the country.