Hospitals and clinics without licences

10 August, 2020 12:00 AM printer

It is a usual practice that business organisations and such other entities will procure licences and other relevant documents from competent authorities to give their enterprises a legal basis. Submission of environmental clearance, clearance from City Corporation, tax certificates and other documents is a necessary prerequisite for getting licences. These documents not only give parties a legal basis for entrepreneurial operations but are also a sort of quality certificates. Naturally, timely renewal of such documents is an integral part of the process.

It is needless to say that the government has adequate number of offices and agencies to supervise the legal status of private hospitals and clinics and take pecuniary measures against the defaulters. But, surprisingly, only one third of privately owned healthcare service providers are doing business legally but the rest others are going on without any lawful permission from authorities. It is really very much perplexing how these service providers can do business illegally under the very nose of the health directorate.

We have more things to be worried about. It is only on Saturday that the Rip Van Winkles or the Kumbhakarnas in the Directorate General of Health Services came to senses after long slumber and issued orders to ten thousand defaulters to get their licences renewed within August 23. Does the DGHS want us to believe that renewal of licences of such a staggering number of private hospital and clinics became overdue all at a time? This brings us to a few unacceptable options – the DGHS did not do its designated duties punctually, the officers and employees receiving pay and perks from public fund are either inefficient or remained aloof from discharging duties for reasons better known to them.

This state of affairs in the Directorate General of Health Services is another manifestation of the crumbling nature of our healthcare system. This is completely unacceptable. The DGHS should be more sincere in its duties and ensure that none – however powerful they happen to be – cannot go on with their illegal operations and fleece members of the public in the name of health services.