Address corruption for economic revival

10 August, 2020 12:00 AM printer

A recent survey conducted among 303 firms across the country reveals that the business community is gradually recovering from the shock of the onslaught of Covid-19. We are heartened by their revelation that the business situation in the country has improved in the July-September quarter compared to the April-June period. Despite the improvement in the overall business environment, it has yet to reach the level prior to the advent of Covid-19. The major business sectors like RMG, leather, light engineering, and other manufacturing industries are yet to reach the expected level in terms of business prospects amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When the entire world is reeling under Covid-19, it is not unnatural that Bangladesh will also face setbacks due to the worst pandemic known to man in recent history. It is appreciable that the people are combating it unitedly, overcoming the initial fear of the disease, and coming out to work towards the economic recovery of the country. Total recovery of the economy will take time; therefore, we must patiently work towards it without complaining about the hardships. We must be realistic under the circumstances and not expect too much in too short a time.

If the majority of our people come out of Covid-19 unscathed, that will be nothing short of a miracle. The survey also revealed that most respondents found Covid-19 crisis management unfavourable for business. This is a very sensitive time for all professions. Going out to do business means coming into contact with people. As Covid-19 spreads through human contact, the business community needs to feel confident that in case of infection they can rely on the health system to care for and cure them and their family members.

Opinion of most of the respondents about the overall business environment in the country is that they have identified corruption as a major challenge for doing business. This is a well-known fact that rampant corruption has been eating away at the achievements of the present government for long. On the one hand, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working relentlessly to fulfil the dreams of our Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, to make the country developed and poverty free. But on the other hand, termites who are undoing her noble efforts by their selfish greed must be addressed to revive the economy.