Personal data on WhatsApp

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10 August, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Personal data on WhatsApp

Personal data is one of the most important things in this digital world for most people. And it is also one of the cheapest things you can buy online in bulk from various unethical sellers who have obtained all of this data in any way necessary.

Most of the people’s data is worth under $1 per person according to the report. Due to which it is quite scary when you think, in how much can a company garner data and influence to either purchase product, vote for a candidate and more.

With this realisation, many people would want to keep as little of a trace of their lives and preferences online as necessary. We take a look at how you can request, download, and view all of the data that WhatsApp has collected since you have joined the platform.

How to request WhatsApp data report

* Update the WhatsApp app to its latest version for the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

* Open WhatsApp and head over to its settings panel.

* Open the ‘Account’ tab.

* Tap on the ‘Request account info’ option.

* Tap the ‘Request’ button.

How to download the generated report

* Open WhatsApp and head over to the Settings panel.

* Inside of the Settings Panel, tap on the Account option.

* Once again tap on the Request account info option.

* Now you will see that your report has been generated.

* Tap on download the report button.

* A zip file with your report will be downloaded to your phone.

* Extract the report and check on what all data does WhatsApp have on you.

Note: This process requires a time of three days for WhatsApp to compile all of the data it has of you, and send a report. After your report is ready you will receive a notification intimating you about the same.