Uproot corruption from railway

8 August, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The issue of the Bangladesh Railway as a loss-incurring concern is fairly well known. This is because of sheer inefficiency of the railway administration and widespread corruption of its staff members. In order for the railway to grow strong financially, the key requirement is uprooting its chronic corruption. There has been an increase in the number of corruption complaints received against its employees.

In recent times, an allegation has been brought against 14 railway employees for carrying passengers without ticket violating the existing rule. The railway authorities have written a letter to the Ministry of Railways to take action against those involved in the corrupt practice.  Railway is not a non-profit service organisation. It must get profitable returns from the money the government spends every year.

So, there is no alternative to prevention of graft in railway for maintaining the country’s pace of economic advancement. Most recently, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) conducted an investigation in this regard. The probe finds corruption plagues the railway sector identifying 10 sources of corruption in the important sector.

However, mere identification of graft is not sufficient enough; the authorities must prosecute the people involved in corruption, giving them an exemplary punishment so that none dares to do the irregularity in future. Moreover, the management should run the railway affairs efficiently as a large number of people are still dependent on railway services.

The ACC has provided 15 recommendations to avert corruption in the major sector. While receiving the recommendation, the railway minister stated that his ministry has adopted a zero-tolerance policy to prevent graft. He assured that the recommendations of the report would be implemented to curb the social menace. However, mere rhetoric will not help rescue the sector. When people act, then change will happen.

Nothing feeds corruption more than apathy, or the belief nothing can be done and it is just the way life is. This portrayal of corruption allows impunity for corruption to flourish – it allows the corrupt to get away with it. People from all walks of life are ready to cooperate with the authorities to uproot corruption from railway once for all.