Derailed in digital world

25 July, 2020 12:00 AM printer

This world has undergone many transformations and the lives of people inside it have transformed many times. From the Dark Ages to the Age of Enlightenment to the Age of Science and Technology, inventions changed human lives. Remember how much effort went into letter writing, from finding pen and paper to collecting stamps to waiting for days to getting letters posted and delivered. That entire exercise can be completed within minutes by using email or social media sites.

These changes, however, have their goods and bads. While more work can be done within a short period of time using fewer manpower, the effects of these changes are significant. Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stress, depression and various other ailments are associated with constant use of social media despite their many benefits.

Perhaps disadvantages of social media outweigh its advantages because we do not know where to strike the balance. Excess of anything is bad and it holds true for our love for social media. Our growing fascination for Facebook and other Internet-related activities is keeping many of us glued to the computer, mobile phone, or tablet screens for hours together every day. Many of us are spending more time with our gadgets, and thus alienating ourselves from real people. Children are growing up without learning appropriate social skills which come from interactions with family, friends, and neighbours.

Apart from these physiological factors, irresponsible use of social media is also responsible for some dreamful crimes. In the lead story of yesterday’s daily sun, we have dwelled upon how social media is being misused to commit a host of criminal activities. For example, it is seriously worrying the way social media sites are being misused to issue death threats, steal personal information, spread rumour and radical ideologies etc.

So, there are a whole lot of things that need to be done. From striking the right balance to a fair and transparent enforcement of laws are urgent to get us on the right track in the digital world.