BBC to produce documentary ‘Britain vs Coronavirus’

11 July, 2020 12:00 AM printer

BBC to produce documentary ‘Britain vs Coronavirus’

Although the COVID-19 outbreak has not yet completed its lethal sweep, the U.K.’s public broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is aiming to tell “the definitive story of the coronavirus pandemic in Britain.” The broadcaster has commissioned its own BBC Studios Documentary Unit to deliver a feature-length documentary ‘Britain vs Coronavirus’, reports Variety.

“Interweaving archive and compelling master interviews with many of the key decision-makers in the crisis, the film will be a forensic retelling of the events of a seismic year in UK history when the coronavirus pandemic struck,” BBC said in a press release posted on its website“.

According to the studio, the documentary will explore the impact of the crisis on the NHS, social care, economy, and society as a whole.

The film will be directed by James House and the producer is Claire Kavanagh.

Britain has till now recorded 289,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Its death toll is 44,600, the world’s third highest, behind only the US and Brazil.