People’s unswerving trust in PM

10 July, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Tough times call for a tough leader. We are happy to see that our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is proving herself to be exactly such a tough leader. As a leader of the country, she is always focused on fulfilling the dreams and needs of the people. It is not surprising then that despite many distractions along the way, she always finds the exact way to do the right thing to strengthen her place in the hearts of the people.

Some recent developments have exposed numerous rackets that have been going on in the country for a number of years. Luckily many of these have become exposed due to our diligent law enforcers. Though these fraudulent activities have been going on for quite some time, but we are surprised that they did not stop even at such a severe crisis period not only in Bangladesh but in the world. There is a section who is covertly active to defame the government and negate its achievements in various ways.

Imagine the moral degradation of those who are taking advantage of the corona situation to earn some quick money by cheating and duping the already suffering people of the country. The law enforcing agencies recently unearthed a hospital that was deceiving and looting the people in the name of COVID-19 tests. They are trying to tarnish the image of the country by engaging in rampant corruption, producing imitations of life-saving medicines, cheating people in the name of sending migrant workers abroad.

Enough is enough. Our PM has been patient for long with those who have been taking the people and the country for a ride for many years. But now she has declared to take up the gauntlet and take strict actions against all who lack the patriotism to harm own country and people without any remorse. Sheikh Hasina is not just a leader of this age and time, but will be proudly remembered by future generations for her contributions to the Bengali nation.

People have unswerving faith and trust in the ability and tenacity of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to fulfill the dreams of our Father of the Nation, to create a corruption-free country, where justice will reign and poverty will be permanently eradicated.