Nat’l oil-gas committee calls rally Sept 26

Staff Correspondent

6 July, 2020 12:00 AM printer

National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports has expressed solidarity with 6-point demand including to scrap deadly coal-fired power projects here.    

They came up with the solidarity at a virtual meeting. Member Secretary of national oil-gas committee Anu Muhammad chaired the meeting attended by the representatives from around the world also attended.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Anu Muhammad said, “Instead of resolving the Corona disaster, when the people of Bangladesh are facing medical crisis, job crisis and food crisis, the government has continued to work on deadly coal projects including Rampal, Matarbari in the interest of some foreign groups.”

He also added, “Without allocating necessary funds for health care and food supplies, the country has made huge allocations for the devastating Rooppur nuclear power plant. Despite having good alternatives, it is enacting laws to increase the price of electricity whenever it wants to impose the burden of costly waste and import-dependent power generation system on the people.”

The government is talking about the gas crisis and by setting up coal and nuclear power, it is taking the country to a terrible danger. On the other hand, it is subsidizing the power traders by Tk 10,000 crore a year.

The speakers further said that when the country is facing the threat of climate change, the government is making Bangladesh more vulnerable by setting up coal-fired power plants across the coast.