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NBR chief selected for Integrity Award

Staff Correspondent

5 July, 2020 12:00 AM printer

NBR chief selected for Integrity Award

Abu Hena Md Rahmatul Muneem, Senior Secretary of the Internal Resources Division (IRD) and Chairman of National Board of Revenue (NBR), has been selected for Integrity Award for 2019-2020.

NBR’s senior information officer Syed A Mumen confirmed it to reporters. Rahmatul Muneem is selected among the senior secretaries and secretaries for the Integrity Award 2019-2020.

 According to the Integrity Rewards Policy, 2018, NBR Chairman will receive a certificate and the equivalent of one month's basic salary as reward. In order to encourage government officials and employees to practice integrity, the Cabinet Division formulated the 'Integrity Award Policy-2018'.

 According to Section 4 of the policy, officers and employees are selected to give the award of integrity considering their performance in 11 fields and 19 indicators.

Some of the important selection qualities for the Integrity Award: Professional knowledge and skills, integrity, reliability and conscientiousness, discipline, dealing with colleagues, dealing with clients, respect for organisation rules, coordination and leadership, IT expertise, ability to innovate, work on implementation of annual performance agreement, use of social media, interest in publishing self-motivated information, presentation skills, interest in using e-files and cooperation in resolving complaints, among others.