Practise responsible business conduct

Bangladesh to global partners

Diplomatic Correspondent

5 June, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh has urged its trading partners to practise responsible business conduct during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that is rattling the global economy, mostly the developing countries.

“It is no time for economic or trade protectionism. LDCs should be given their previously committed market access,” said Permanent Representative (PR) of Bangladesh to the United Nations Rabab Fatima.

She highlighted the challenges of the disrupted global supply chain and its devastating impacts on export in countries like Bangladesh where factory workers are losing jobs on a large scale.

Ambassador Rabab Fatima was addressing a virtual meeting on “SDG Financing in the era of COVID 19 and beyond” in New York on Wednesday, according to a message received from Bangladesh PR in New York on Thursday.

Mentioning the pandemic as a global health as well as an economic and social crisis, the Bangladesh’s UN envoy told participants that the consequences would be borne by the peoples and economies of the vulnerable countries for years to come and the SDG implementation plans in many of countries are on hold as they are diverting their limited resources to meet emergency health needs as well as to expand social protection system.