Working together to defeat Covid-19 by mutual assistance

Lin Weiqiang

4 June, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Working together to defeat Covid-19 by mutual assistance

Since the diagnosis of the first case of COVID-19 epidemic in Bangladesh on March 8, 2020, Chinese Enterprises Association in Bangladesh (CEAB)  has positively responded to the call to fully support the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control work of Bangladeshi Government by strictly abiding by the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, coordinating the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation of its member enterprises, refining the deployment and responsibility, which provides strong support and service guarantee for promoting Bangladesh economic development and the construction of "Belt and Road" with high quality.

Isolating in self-discipline and fighting epidemic jointly. The Anti-COVID-19 epidemic practice in China in the past three months has proved that self-discipline isolation at home is one of the effective ways to combat the COVID-19. Being aware of the infectivity and harmfulness of COVID-19, CEAB issued notice at the first time calling on its members to strictly abide by the emergency control measures of Bangladeshi Government, consciously work at home for self-isolation to reduce the possible spread of the virus caused by the movement of people. CEAB also requested its members not to believe in rumors, not to spread rumors, and fight the epidemic with Bangladeshi people in one mind.

Helping each other and offering endless love. CEAB actively carried out social responsibility and launched the donation initiative of "helping them stay home" at the first time calling on all Chinese enterprises and Chinese compatriots in Bangladesh to donate money to local poor families who are in difficulties due to the epidemic. Finally, a total of more than 2 million Taka was raised within 3 days. Meanwhile, CEAB funded more than 800,000 Taka and purchased 10 tons of rice and 2000 litres of edible oil. All the rice and edible oil donated by CEAB and purchased with the raised money were distributed to 3500 local poor families through Bangladesh-China Friendship Centre (BCFC) and three local non-governmental organizations JAAGO, LIONS, OVA.

In addition, CEAB members have also spontaneously donated epidemic prevention and living materials to local cooperative organizations and poor families. For example, China Harbour donated 3000 COVID-19 test kits, 3000 personal protective equipment and 20000 medical masks to Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. China National Machinery Import & Export Co. (CMC), China General Technology Group (GT) donated a large number of anti-epidemic materials to Bangladesh government, including 1 million masks, 10,000 protective clothing, 10,000 goggles and 2,000 temperature measuring guns. New Hope Ltd. urgently purchased and distributed food elements to 475 jobless families at Vangnahati village in Sreepur under Gazipur districts. Hunan Construction Engineering Group Ltd. donated 2000 N95 masks, 10000 disposable masks and 10000 disposable gloves to Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperative. Harbin Electric Corporation donated 50000 masks to BPDB, 20,000 masks to RPCL and 24,800 masks to United Group. CLIO SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS BANGLADESH LTD donated 10,000 medical masks, 500 sets of protective clothing, 20 protective glasses ,500 pairs of disposable gloves, 1000 bottles of alcohol-free disinfectant solution and 5 cases of 84 disinfectant solution to Chittagong Port Authority, local partners and families near the Khulshi residence.

Staying firmly and never leaving. With operating in Bangladesh for decades, most of CEAB members have regarded Bangladesh as their second hometown and committed to Bangladesh economic development. After the situation of epidemic outbreak worsen in Bangladesh, many countries took the action of evacuating their nationals from Bangladesh. But CEAB members chose to stay firmly in Bangladesh and work together to fight against epidemic with Bangladeshi people. All Chinese companies especially Chinese engineering contractors have done their utmost to ensure safe production and achieved both task of epidemic prevention and production and operation at the same time, which made positive efforts to Bangladesh economic recovery.

Planning ahead and disseminating scientifically. Faced with the global pandemic, CEAB members actively introduced the effective prevention and control measures in China to local partners and friends, produced epidemic prevention

brochures in English and Bangladeshi version and made well illustrated ppt courseware to promote the epidemic prevention and control knowledge to local employees. Besides, they also took more measures to maximize the protection of the health and safety of local employees by doing routine temperature tests for all Chinese and local  employees, establishing "zero daily report" system, ensuring supply of living materials and drugs, etc.

Holding together and seeking common development. The rapid spread of the epidemic has cast a shadow over Bangladesh economic development. CEAB maintained close ties with its members and discussed how to resume production in Bangladesh after the epidemic and how to explore business opportunities and realize new development by upgrading and transformation in the "post-epidemic" period, and thus promote the rapid economic development of Bangladesh.

The traditional friendship between China and Bangladesh has a long history. We believe that China and Bangladesh will work together to defeat the epidemic and stabilize economic development. CEAB will unite the vast Chinese enterprises in Bangladesh to work together with Bangladeshi government and Bangladesh people to overcome the difficulties and win the international battle against the epidemic at an early date, and continue to strive to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation and people-friendliness.

(The writer is the President of Chinese Enterprises Association in Bangladesh)