Jamalpur farmers benefit from groundnut farming

3 June, 2020 12:00 AM printer

JAMALPUR: Hundreds of farmers in the district are delighted over bumper yield of groundnut on the char lands and their good prices.

During a visit to the char area of the district, the correspondent sees the vast tracts of land covered with groundnut plants including radish, gourd, chili, pumpkin and red spinach.

Farmers were seen selling the crops grown on the char lands in the markets of district and upazila headquarters, reports BSS.

Speakers at a discussion meeting on field day on Tuesday stressed the importance of enormous groundnut farming for poverty alleviation among the char people.

They said, many char people who fell prey to the river erosion could get a financial benefit by huge cultivation of groundnut in the char areas during dry season.

Experts of Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS) are providing various support to cultivate groundnut in the almost barren char land where other crops hardly ever grow, they added.

Jamalpur RARS under the project “enhancement of nutritional status and economic condition of Charland farmers through development of modern groundnut varieties and intercropping technologies” arranged the field day on groundnut at its premises on Monday.

A total of 50 farmers took part in the field day maintaining health safety measures and social distance. Principal Scientific Officer, RARS, Dr Manjurul Kadir presided over the discussion meeting while Chief Scientific Officer, RARS, Dr Tariqul Islam and Principal Scientific Officer, RARS, Dr Abdul Mannan were present as chief and special guests respectively .

In the field Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) experts exhibited high yielding variety Advanced line Bari Groundnut (BAG) -19011 variety to the farmers.

The experts said advanced line BAG-19011 variety groundnut has a large pod with three to four kernel. Farmers can make good profit by cultivating the variety in the state of local variety, they added.

The Principal Scientific Officer, Dr Md Manjurul Kadir said as groundnut contents high protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and minerals, government is implementing various subsidised programme to encourage farmers who live in the rivers catchment areas to cultivate groundnut in char areas.

He said under the programme High Yielding varieties groundnut seed BARI-8 and BARI-9 were disbursed among farmers free of cost.

He said farmers could get good price as the varieties with large kernel. He said 1000 to 1500 kilograms nuts are produced on per acres of land.