Lockdown gives Albanian beekeepers a ‘golden year’

23 May, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Lockdown gives Albanian beekeepers a ‘golden year’

KORÇË: With factories and farms silenced by the coronavirus shutdown, Albania’s bees have been busier than ever, stirring excitement among farmers expecting an unparalleled honey harvest thanks to a respite from pollution and pesticides, reports AFP.

“It’s a golden year for bees,” says 68-year-old Gezim Skermo, dressed in a protective suit as he inspects his rows of wooden hives, lined up along the verdant base of Morava mountain in southeast Albania.

The bucolic bee farm, home to some 300 colourfully-painted hive boxes, is one of the biggest in Albania and the only operation in the Balkan state to export its honey abroad.