Coronavirus Outbreak

War on vairus

23 May, 2020 12:00 AM printer

War on vairus

(1) Despite repeated warnings against public gatherings, people in thousands gather at a market in the capital’s Jurain area on Friday for Eid shopping, sparking fears of hastening the spread of the highly-infectious coronavirus.

(2) RMG works stage a demonstration in Gazipur demanding payment of salary arrears.

(3) Maintaining social distancing guidelines, musullis offer Jumatul Wida, the last Friday of Ramadan, at Baitul Mukarram National Mosque.

(4) Ailing Chnadra Banu return to her village home in Shariatpur three days after resumption of ferry services on Mawa-Kawrakandi route.

(5) The busiest Shapla Chattar intersection in the capital looks empty due to the shutdown.        —Reaz Ahmed Sumon/ Kamrul Islam Ratan/ Md Nasir Uddin