Cyclone Amphan

REB on high alert to ensure uninterrupted power supply

Staff Correspondent

21 May, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) has taken a set of measures including cancellation of holidays of its employees across the country to prevent and respond to the potential impact on electricity supply to be caused by severe cyclonic storm aAmphan.

REB, the largest power distribution agency in Bangladesh, has taken the all-out preparation to supply uninterrupted power amid the fear of huge damage due to the cyclone.

As part of its pre-preparation, REB asked its offices in the cyclone-prone areas to follow the same procedure that they used to do during any kind of disaster situation and back up the fuel for generators.

Besides, it also lay emphasize to give uninterrupted electricity to the mobile towers so that all offices can communicate properly at the time of emergency.

All the offices will have to make feeder-based monitoring teams comprising electricians, local representatives to monitor the overall situation of the cyclone including the damages.

Every Samity of REB will have to keep ready well-equipped 20 line crews so that they can move in 30 minutes notice.

During the cyclone, REB and its offices will closely monitor the overall cyclone and its effects from the central control room and will communicate with each other.

Any of its offices will not shut down electricity supply on its own decision during the disaster and asked to keep at contact with NLDC. Urging its employees and workforce to stay alert and careful, REB also suggested them to have stock enough dry foods.

As part of the post-disaster plan, REB’s monitoring teams will assess the damage and submit a report to the central office. They will take immediate measures to restore electricity supply in cases of electricity line disruption.