Growth of e-commerce

18 May, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Man’s creative activity has never stopped for a moment after Homo sapiens took up tools to change nature and make it cater to his needs. His capacity to think and produce necessary things to make life comfortable distinguishes him from all other animals. Man’s creative efforts led to the advent of civilisation and freed him from absolute dependence on nature. But as the spread of the novel coronavirus assumed a pandemic proportion throughout the globe, these distinctive pursuits came to an abrupt halt with self-imposed restrictions on movements and suspension of productive activities of the entire humankind as part of the measure to contain further spread of the disease.

The damaging impact of such inactivity is before everyone’s eyes: The growth of the world economy is predicted to fall by a significant margin. Mankind will continue to feel for an indefinite period the pinch of the situation forced upon us by the lethal virus and will take years together to overcome the negative growth.

But, as the proverb goes, every negative turn of event contains in itself the seed of positive growth – the undesirable but unavoidable turn of the situation led to the development of certain positive aspects of life. Amid suspension of productive activities in mills and factories around the globe, emission of greenhouse gases fell down drastically, leading to improvement of air quality and an excellent healing of the earth’s ozone layer. Tackling of global warming through bringing down discharge of GHGs had so long been a theoretical proposition but has now been demonstrated in a practical manner. This will undoubtedly strengthen the demand for reduction of GHG emission.

Though in a very limited scale compared to improvement of global air quality, abrupt growth of online shopping in the country is another positive development induced by the restriction on movement and crowding. As people cannot go for traditional way of Eid shopping due to the pandemic situation, many of them opted for online buying of things, thus giving an impetus to the growth of e-commerce. This is an example of how everything in life is reshaped by sophistication of technology. The negative impact of coronavirus brings us closer to modern technologies.