Almighty helps those, who help themselves

Kawsar Uddin Mahmud

26 April, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Almighty helps those, who help themselves

As Ramadan is here, sharing a verified hadith of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Anas Ibn Malik, one of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) reported that a man asked, "O Messenger of Allah, should I tie my camel and trust in Allah, or should I leave her untied and trust in Allah?" The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Tie your camel and trust in Allah."

From this hadith, we understand thatpeople should strive hard as well as rely on divine intervention. Allah never improves the condition of anyone till they work hard to improve it. We can say the same for COVID-19. Somepeople have left all in the hands of Almighty, waiting for miracles, taking no preventive measures whatsoever.

COVID-19 situation in Bangladesh is getting worse every day. According to the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), on April 21total 3382 people have been infected, 110 people died, while492 was infected and 10 died that very day.  In this grave situation, asgovernmentis working tirelessly to keep people safe,politicisingto blame government is not justified. Somemigrant workers carried the virus to Bangladesh, paying no heed to quarantine. If thousands of people die from this catastrophe, it will be our fault,as we made mockery of quarantine efforts. We are not helping ourselves, so why would Almighty help us!

Let’s discuss two recent scenarios in Barguna and Brahmanbaria districts.In Barguna, former Awami League President of Amtali, former Chairman of Amtali Upazila Porishod andfreedom fighter GM Delowar passed away on April 10from COVID-19. He undertook many development projects in his area making him popular with the people.So, thousands of people congregated for his janaza ignoring Covid-19 transmissionhazard! Though the District Commissioner (DC) of Barguna tried to prohibit them, he failed. After the janaza the administration was forced to lock down the entire Upazila. Is it failure of the administration or the people?

In Brahmanbaria, the former President of Bangladesh Khilafat e-Majlis, MawlanaJubayer Ansari, died due to old age.Hundreds of thousands of people congregated to take part in his janaza on April 18. For this reason, the administration retracted SP and OC of Sarail Thana. Again, is it failure of the administration or the people?

I have giventwo random but similar incidents solely to show whether lockdown has been successfully implemented or not. From one perspective, the ignorance of the people and from another perspective, the failure of the administration is to be blamed. In the Brahmanbariaincident, the people intentionally violated orderwhile the administration sat like ducks. In Barguna, the administration didn’t make much effort to ensure the lockdown.

Bangladeshi people will eventually face great danger if they can’t balance respect with responsibility and belief with logic. Efforts to build social awareness by the government have been repeatedly thwarted by ignorant people who claim to understand the situation better than the government. People are flocking not only to janaza but also to the market, bank and other public places. Moreover, there is no proper implementation of lockdown.Halfhearted lockdown cannot beeffective. For the failure of administration, we cannot say anything as we have no power to change their policies, but we must create pressure.In the Brahmanbaria incident, the administration warned people but they did not heed the warning. Now, if people get infected from COVID-19, who will be liable? Inthe Barguna incident, administration neither warned the people nor take any steps.

Obviously Almighty’s decision is the best but He gave us capability by which we can avoid bad things. For this reason, the Prophet (pbuh) advised ‘Tie your camel and trust in Allah’ which means ‘try your best with what you have and trust in Allah’. So, why do we avoid our effort?Allah never ordained us to sacrifice our lives over a janaza. In this time of COVID-19, your decision to go for attending janaza is not only suicidal for yourself; but could also be fatal for your family. So think about them before doing anything irrational.

The government should take necessary steps to impose lockdown properly and also ensure thatfood reliefs reachneedy people. The month of Ramadan will be a big challenge for the government to fight against the ‘invisible enemy.’

We have to recall what Allah says in the Quran, “Indeed Allah will not change the conditions of the people until they change what is in themselves” (Quran-13:11). There is also a proverb by Walter Crane, “God helps those, who help themselves.” Lockdown failurecan be fatal,so we must maintainit to save our lives. Police should beat if people go outside without urgent need. If we are not careful we might lose ourselves as well as our near and dearones.


The writer is a student of International Relations, Dhaka University