Wakeup before the ship sinks

19 April, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Wakeup before the ship sinks

The whole universe has been facing a crucial situation since last few months. These days, the coronavirus pandemic dominates the news, and regardless of the type of media you consume – electronic, traditional print newspapers, television or radio stations, you will hear or read about the novel coronavirus, SARS CoV-2 and its associated 2019 disease the COVID-19.

Though this is a worldwide pandemic, a review of the daily WHO situation report shows that some countries are more affected than others either numerically or by proportion of deaths relative to confirmed cases.

Bangladesh is a South Asian country with massive population, going through potential dangerous situation, already starting to lose lives and rapidly increasing number of affected people. In most cases, people are worried instead of being conscious and self-disciplined. They are panicked yet not willing to comply with the recommendations from the government and WHO.

Another noticeable thing is that many people, especially the village people of the country, do not seem to take the risk of COVID-19 seriously.They think that the coronavirus will not reach into their area and therefore they will not be affected by it. Moreover, religious fundamentalism is obeyed by a large number of people. They seem to think only God can save them but the first line of defense lies with them.

We should not wait to learn the lesson the hard way. Everyone should abide by the recommendations from the government and public health authorities, follow their guidance on social distancing and restrict unnecessary movements. Let’s all stay home, stay safe and save lives!


Nurani Nahrin Mim, MA student, Department of English, Islamic

University, Kushtia