Avoid rumour related to COVID-19

19 April, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Avoid rumour related to COVID-19

Suppose, on a hot summer day you are sitting on a chair and watching a movie of Disney Production where your favorite hero killed hundreds of thousands of people by his refuted vaccine in the time of an epidemic, so what will be your reaction? In a general sense, you would not love him more after the deed.

It’s not infeasible in real life in the worst time of COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, a dangerous phenomenon can occur because every COVID-19 infected people want to live by all means. If you suggest a leaf (ThankuniPata) each and everyone will eat it. And if it is ethanol or another type of alcohol they will drink it by fits and no one will wait for justifying it by rhyme or reason.

Hundreds of people died by drinking neat alcohol in Iran. According to Daily Mail and other international dailies (09-04-2020), 600 have died and more than 3000 people are suffering from drinking neat alcohol. In this worst of time this is like an acid test. The people believed that alcohol can cure the virus because they saw the news on some international journals. So, they followed it to be alive.

So, let's talk about the ongoing tragedy of COVID-19 in Iran. According to the last survey, 66,220 people have been infected by COVID-19 and 4110 people have died from it. Iran is in the worst condition among all the other Middle Eastern countries. In this tough and rough situation, anything can be honey if it is related to a cure forCOVID-19. But regrettable fact is that people are not thinking about if 'it is justified or not'. Infected people want to recover from it at any cost because they want to live. By any chance, they want the remedy of COVID-19 and saw a ray of hope to be alive by drinking alcohol but it was a blue moon in the sky for them. They took it and died not from COVID-19 but from the alcohol!

Is COVID-19 easily curable? 

 world's most renowned scientists are trying to invent vaccine of COVID-19. When all are in dilemma about the effectiveness of vaccine of COVID-19, a few days ago, a group of scholars of Bangladesh Agriculture University laid down an unproven cure of COVID-19. They claim that COVID-19 can be cured by ethanol (at least 60 per cent). The main scholar Dr. Md Alimul Islam, professor of microbiology and hygiene department, told that "All types of virus can die in 60 per cent ethanol". He further told that, "It kills greasy cover of virus and destroys enzymes".

COVID-19 is not a lighthearted matter. It is not a game to be played nor a puzzle as you can easily lose your life if you are careless. I am criticising the use of alcohol for COVID-19 though some international scholars recommend it. You can call me an armchair critic but my point is thatCOVID-19 is a virus that does not play a game from any point. Without effective trial on patients or animals no scholar or scientist should say something is a cure for COVID-19. 

COVID-19 is a virus that changes its nature and structure according to DNA code. Even, the scientists of the World Health Organization changed their statements more times about this pandemic. They told that “it spreads through the air”, after a few days, they told, “it doesn’t spread through air but droplet”. Once they told, “it not only spreads but also survives in the air”. So, it is not so easy to get a cure for COVID-19. It attacks DNA by following individual’s DNA structure. For this reason, it is so tough to cure COVID-19 with standard vaccine. Before applying any vaccine to humans, it is applied to the animals, especially animals having similar DNA to humans. Afterwards it is tested on people and if that succeeds, only then is it open to the market.

 To establish a vaccine's effectiveness, doctors make trial runs like the Avigan. Though Avigan has not yet any final result, its trial will be completed shortly as a cure for COVID-19, it has gone through a scientific way. NHK TV had shown an effective action of Avigan though it has limitations to remedy pregnant women. But the rhetorical matter is it has not been finalised yet. Fujifilm, a renowned company of Japan mentions Avigan or Favipiar Tablet as well. There is a video on Youtube where Shinzō Abe, the prime minister of Japan, also talk about the effectiveness of Avigan.

 This article is not about Avigan or Favipiar, it’s about a vaccine going through a trial before being applied to people. Without any trial, some people told that alcohol cures coronavirus but regretfully such theories have become viral on the Internet and killed hundreds of people in Iran.

Media is playing a great role here as it has the power of changing the mind of people. After the matter of ethanol, some newspapers and TV channels started to broadcast it. A refuted, unproved, vaccine was spread in the time of epidemic to lose our beliefs.

 Sum and substance, a vaccine should go through a trial to prove its effectiveness and to be proved as a perfect vaccine. Otherwise, it should not be taken into considerations and broadcast on media. Without a trial, it can be a theory that can endanger the lives of people but cannot be a successful vaccine.

We want people like Rafiqul Islam who invented Orsaline and made history, wroting the name of Bangladesh in gold letter. Media should play a precise role otherwise people will lose their faith in it. Last but not least, ‘Stay at home, stay safe’ not only for yourself but also for your family and all’. May Almighty save us all.


Kawsar Uddin Mahmud,

Department of International

Relations, University of Dhaka