Bank branches in lockdown areas to remain closed

Staff Correspondent

9 April, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The branches of commercial banks located in the lockdown area are being closed due to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The announcement was come on Wednesday from the head offices of various commercial banks.

The head offices also said, “The areas where coronavirus is more prone are being locked down. In such situation operating banks’ branches in those areas will be dangerous.”

For example, Khilgaon area has been locked down. But there is a branch of Pubali Bank. An official of the branch, who did not want to be named, said his residence was in the Mohammadpur area. Due to lockdown, he could not go to that branch on Tuesday and Wednesday. Cause of the public interest, the branch was closed yesterday. The branch will remain closed until lockdown. Banks have been requested to transact customers at another branch nearby.

Pubali Bank Managing Director (MD) Md Abdul Halim Chowdhury told daily sun that every branches has been instructed to remain closed in the area where is a lockdown due to pandemic of coronavirus.

An official of Islami Bank said that around 8 branches of Islami Bank were closed in the country due to lockdown considering the security of the common. The branches will reopen after withdrawal of the lockdown. If a customer needs an emergency bank transaction, he or she will receive service from nearby another branch.