Coronavirus Fallout

A friend in need !

Rashidul Hasan

2 April, 2020 12:00 AM printer

There is a saying– a friend in need is a friend indeed.

A councilor of Dhaka South City Corporation stood by people as a friend in need at the time when many working class people are suffering from huge shortage of earnings and failing to meet their basic needs due to lockdown.

Hazi Mir Hossain Miru , a  newly elected councilor of Ward No 53, has fully waived the rent of his apartments and shops  for the tenants considering the low income due to the countrywide lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

The councilor owns around 20 apartments and 50 shops at Jurain area in the capital. He also requested other house owners to follow the same as people are struggling to earn their livelihood.

He relived the shopkeepers’ rents for one and a half months and rents of apartments for one month. The councilor also ensured that he may extend his helping hand if situation gets worse.

Md Ismail, a shopkeeper and also a beneficiary of the benevolent initiative, said, “The sale of goods in markets is very low as people are not coming out of home and many left Dhaka due to the lockdown. For that matter we are struggling to meet our daily needs.”

“We are now seeing bleak days ahead. And it is quite comforting for me that my shop owner relived Tk 3600 rent per month. I pray for him for helping me in the bad time,” he said.

Another beneficiary Anowar Hossain, who is an egg seller, said, “It is a very good news for us that the shop rent is being relieved. Our trade is now in a bad condition. How we would lead our life as there is no sale. We are now in worry.”

The councilor did a noble job. Our house owners should follow the same otherwise we cannot survive as we are not receiving government aid, he also said.

His manager Azhar Howlader said, “Our councilor has waived the rent of at least 50 shops at Mir Hossain Miru Adrash Kacha Bazaar and his apartments. The total amount of the rent stands more than a million. But he decided to not charge it considering the humane appeal.”

Really, this kind of sacrifice is rarely seen in our society as no other house owners are doing so, he added. 

Councilor Miru said, “Since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus, the income level of common people went below the standard. As the income level of common people has been low, it would be tough for them to pay the rent. I want that no people die of hunger.”

I wanted to give people a bit comfort. I think other well-off people should do so, he said.