Riyad salutes medics

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29 March, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Riyad salutes medics

Bangladesh T20I captain Mahmudullah Riyad thanked the doctors and nurses of the nation as they are on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus in the country.

Mahmudullah took to his social media pages on Saturday to thank the people involved in the healthcare sector of the country.

“I would like to cordially thank our doctors, nurses and others who are involve in the healthcare service. The way they have come forward in this crisis situation and in serving the country is amazing and I am sure everyone will be benefited from this one day,” said all-rounder Mahmudullah.

“Stay at home, stay safe. We might become frustrated due to this lockdown and even bored. It might come into our mind to go out for a bit and meet some friends. But we should simply throw those thoughts out of our mind. Nothing is better than staying home at the moment. The time demands so. We personally should strictly follow this rule and should also make sure that everyone in the family does the same. We should stay safe and ensure that others are safe too,” Mahmudullah added in the video message.

“As sportsman it is tough for me to stay back at home but I am doing that. I am helping with work at home, watering the plants, reading books, doing physical exercise and giving a lot of time to members of the family,” he added.

Bangladesh has been in a lockdown since Thursday however not for those in the health service. As fears of community transmissions rise, the doctors and nurses and other concerned authorities are still going out every day to win a battle the country cannot afford to lose.

Mahmudullah also urged everyone to stand by those who live on daily wages. He emphasised that many are without job because of staying at home and that those able in the society should take initiative to help those in need.

“The day workers are jobless now. It is important for us to stand beside them. We should try to come forward and help them,” said Mahmudullah. Bangladesh all-rounder Mahmudullah believes the crisis will end soon.

“We should follow the rules for a few days and maintain social distance. Hopefully, we will soon recover from this calamity. I believe the good days are not far away. We should all try to give something back to the country,” urged Riyad.

Bangladesh till Saturday afternoon has confirmed 5 deaths and 48 cases from COVID 19. Four more patients have recovered from the novel coronavirus which meant that a total of 15 patients have recovered so far in the country.

Worldwide, Coronavirus has infected 597,267 people and claimed the lives of 27,370 people. 133,373 infected people have also recovered across the world till date.