Pending financial facilities of retired bank officers

29 March, 2020 12:00 AM printer

As per administrative letter (No-23) of Bangladesh Bank published on November 5, 2019, those pensioners who surrendered 100 per cent of their pension under GPF Scheme, similarly also retired officers/employees under CPF Scheme since July 1, 2017, the order has been given to pay monthly medical allowance, festival bonus and Bangla New Year allowance to them. This has been implemented. Accordingly Sonali Bank and Agrani Bank has implemented this financial facilities for their retired employees. It is a matter of regret, that Janata Bank has not taken any step to implement this order of the Bangladesh Bank, even though it too has received the letter from the Central Bank.

We the retired CPF Schemed officers of Janata Bank have received one fourth less amount of money from the GPF Scheme. Thus, we are living under difficulties due to spending on our medical and festival expenses in the time being. We have no ability to meet our medical treatment expenditures due to want of money in this old age.

Inter alia, the Prime Minister, considering humanitarian side, has ordered to pay facilities stated above and pension after 15 years during retirement time since July 1, 2004 to those who surrendered 100 per cent pension under GPF Scheme, which has been already implemented. But we the CPF Scheme holders of Janata Bank have not received medical allowance, festival bonus and Bangla New Year allowance till now, pension is a far word. For this reason, as per the letter of Bangladesh Bank, we look for interference of the Honourable Prime Minister to sanction our financial facilities.


Md. Abul Kasem, Former Principal Officer, Janata Bank Limited, Dhaka