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In Conversation With Joy Shahriar

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

26 March, 2020 12:00 AM printer

In Conversation With Joy Shahriar

Joy Shahriar has surely carved his niche in the music world. Known as a popular singer-songwriter, he possesses a unique style that distinguishes him from others. His production house ‘Aajob Records’ is quite famous and has helped lift up many promising talents. He has recently begun making videos. Joy has also recently started a hub for Bangladeshi singer and songwriters for the betterment of the country’s music industry. Recently Joy spoke about this and much more with ‘the hood’.

“I am busy making new songs for the celebrations of Pahela Baishakh and Eid. And I am also making song for others to celebrate the coming occasions.” Joy has also started doing his own vlogs under the name of “JS Vlogs” on his Youtube channel ‘Joy Shahriar’. “We have recently uploaded our 60th episode. I love to travel and I am also a foodie, so I share those experiences through my vlogs.”

Owning a record business in Bangladesh has its pros and cons. With piracy gnawing the audio industry, this is a business not many are drawn to. Yet, Joy is into this because of his love and passion for music. The result is that ‘Aajob Records’ is one of the most successful recording labels currently. “One of the main challenges is not having a proper ecosystem in the music industry. Both the artists and vendors are not aware enough about the paper issues, endorsements and so on. Not having enough platforms for showcasing new contents also creates problems. But it’s improving. For the last 5 years, our music industry has been coping up with the world music scenario.”

Aajob Record’s latest releases are “Tumi” by Joy, “Bhalobeshei Dekho Na” by Joy Shahriar Feat. Abanti Sithi & Mezba Bappi, “Phire Esho” by  Ketan Sheikh, “Tomake Bhulte Arektu Shomoy Lagbe Amar” by Abul Hossain Khokan, “Emon Kore Dukkho Dili” by  Shawon Biswas and  “Hoyto” by  Joy Shahriar feat. Mitu Karmaker.

“These days I am making my own videos,” said the singer-songwriter. “I have also started an organization for the betterment of the singers and songwriters of the country. It is called ‘Bangladesh Singer-Songwriters Hub’. It’s an open platform for all singers and songwriters. We are starting with a project named ‘The First Song Project’. “We will be releasing the first original songs of three young singers/songwriters. Aajob Records will produce the audio, Aajob Karkhana will produce the video and Bangladesh Singer Songwriters Hub will run the project. We have many more plans for the future. We hope to run a Master Class soon for the songwriters.”

Joy encourages all to be with good music. “Please be with good Bengali music, and listen to the songs from legal sites and platforms. Pray for me so that I can do more good works musically,” he concluded.