Parasite a copy of Vijay starrer Minsara Kanna!

18 February, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Tamil producer PL Thenappan, who holds the rights of the 1999 Vijay-starrer "Minsara Kanna", has declared he will sue the makers of "Parasite", the Korean film that won big at the recent Oscars on grounds of plagiarism, reports mid-day.

"I will be filing a case with help from an international lawyer. They have taken the plot from my film. When they find out that some of our films have been inspired by their films, they file cases. Similarly, it is only fair for us to do the same," Thenappan told, adding that he would seek compensation from the producers of "Parasite" for copying the idea of his film.

Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite" created history by becoming the first foreign language film to win the Best Film award at the Oscars, besides trophies for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Foreign Film.

Soon, Vijay fans were claiming the story of "Parasite" is the same of as "Minsara Kanna", a film directed by KS Ravikumar starring Vijay.

Although social media has refused to take the plagiarism claims seriously, Thenappan insisted he means business.

Director Ravikumar on his part is happy that the controversy will bring international limelight to his film.