China’s digital marketing industry maintains growth amid epidemic

17 February, 2020 12:00 AM printer

BEIJING: China’s digital marketing industry, dominated by online marketing, is less affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak, and the digital marketing industry manages to maintain growth amid the epidemic, as the online advertising demand has been exploding in sectors such as games, short videos and online education.

Due to the closure of public places of entertainment during the Chinese New Year this year, games, short videos and other online products have become the first choice of entertainment for Chinese, resulting in the increase in online advertising of the sectors, said a report by Securities Times, reports Xinhua.

In the field of education, universities, schools and kindergartens across the country have postponed the start of the spring semester. Against this backdrop, studying at home has become an engine driving the growth of online education. Correspondingly, the digital advertising of online education has increased significantly, which also brings benefits to advertisers, the report added.

In contrast, traditional advertising, particularly in retail, catering, film and television segments, has decreased, undermining the development of relevant advertising companies.