Do I Care?

Arko Somujjal Dutta

6 February, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Everyone is just staring at us,

I, holding your hand,

Grasping you towards my chest,

Looking deeply at your eyes,

Do I care?


Some country songs or blue music,

Some pampered love,

Filling the place with heavenly harmony

A mild breeze is wandering around us

Do I care?


Sky, so blue and deep,

Full of white thick clouds and hazes,

Everything surrounding us

Slowing down, so cool and calm

Every moment is being converted,

One single moment is being felt like an era,

But do I care?


Holding you so close to me,

Thinking about your absence,

I wish I could touch.

Touch you so deeply

Touch you so realistically,

But, but huh,

The only thing I can touch,

Just your soul.