How To Be A Narrow-Minded Person

Mashaekh Hassan

30 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

How To Be A 
Narrow-Minded Person

It undoubtedly requires at least some sort of arduousness to be a narrow-minded person in this world. With that being said, keeping one’s mind glued to his/her own beliefs and personal preferences (and that being combined with the very tendency of viewing those beliefs to be universal standards, despite the world being a gigantic place of dwelling, where encountering diversified people from disparate social and even personal backgrounds is not a massive plot twist) surely seems strenuous, right?

But, here we are going to present to you a few oversimplified steps, following which would help you to become a narrow-minded person, which you might have aspired of being or not. Besides, if you are already a narrow-minded person, use these steps to keep your narrow-mind under constant polishing; just for the sake of safety. Connecting to the fact which was mentioned earlier --- having enough strength in reserve to pressurize your mind to stay narrow --- is a safety measure; the world is open - let that not persuade your closed brain.

At first, focally observe the divinely purified portion of the world and brainstorm with the absorbed logics on an irregularly regular basis. Make sure, that idea of ‘pure world’ and ‘logic’ are totally inspired by your own perspective. The product would become personalized, consequently.

Next, surround yourself with the humans, cherry-picked from the society around you.

That has to be followed by a process of categorization --- good person and bad person. Do not forget to hold a strong belief on the personalized definition of good and bad; also, pay no attention to the idea of subjectivity.

Fourthly, consider the people from the former category to be your best-friends and people from the latter one to be a package of practice materials. You can practice your narrow-mindedness with them, to be specific. Trust me, they are extremely helpful materials.

Finally, keep practicing!

Well, are you running out of information regarding what bad is going on in the world? Just pick a person with whom your views contradict, and start mentally castigating and judging that person for holding the beliefs he/she has. It can be about basically anything and everything, ranging from political views to music taste. You can add the sense of elitism and ethnocentrism to your mind to spice up your thought process and that eventually would take your ‘judgement’ skill at an exponentially higher level.

Then are you willing to project your thoughts via your vocal cord? Then engage in a discussion with them! Start by talking about what you dislike about them and gradually approach towards the fact that the dislike-factors you mentioned are universally abhorred! Do not even think of verifying your words on a factual basement; just keep adding the words to buttress your thought.

Or do you want to argue logically? Again, engage in a debate with them.

Oh, there is no debate going on? Initiate one, then! Start with logically explaining and expounding the beliefs you have and upon being exposed to a new perspective, start criticising those no matter what type of affect those cause to the world. That is against your belief, after all! Isn’t the fact more than enough to validate your fingers pointed at them?

In case you are not the one at the position of leading the discussion table and you suddenly realize how disgusting the world has become just because of the existence of diversified personal preferences, do not hesitate to silently rant about it and finish with a statement like this --- “Oh dear, I failed to show you the right path. You all are so confused. You all are bewildered to such an extent that you cannot even see what I am feeling is right. Sigh.”

To conclude, here is a soft reminder for you --- implement the steps in your day-to-day life and by following those steps you can abstractly construct a cage circumscribing your mind.


(The writer is a student of BRAC University.)