Power blinded Suu Kyi: FM

Special Correspondent

26 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

After the debacle in the International Court of Justice in the Hague Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi has come under fresh focus with Foreign Minister AKM Abdul Momen saying the Nobel Laureate was blinded by “power.”

He told the Daily Sun by phone from abroad that Suu Kyi “is a loser and I feel pity for her.” “Greed and power blinded her,” he said.

Momen added that “I wish her to regain sanity and moral and ethical values.”

The foreign minister recalled the days when Suu Kyi was fighting for democracy and human rights, saying.

“Once I demonstrated for her release from captivity and she was an icon and a hope of democracy and human rights.” Suu Kyi has now sought time to address the ICJ verdict.

The ICJ on Thursday said “prima facie” evidence of genocide were found in the Rakhine and told Suu Kyi to protect the lives of minority Muslim Rohingyas

There are some 600,000 Rohingyas in Rakhine and nearly 12lacs are sheltered in Bangladesh for more than two years

Momen in an instant reaction to the ICJ verdict that it was “A victory for humanity, a milestone for human rights activists across all nations. A victory for Gambia, OIC, Rohingya and of course, for Bangladesh.

The ICJ accepted all 4 provisional measure request in an unanimous (all 17judges) verdict and asked Myanmar to submit a report within 4 months confirming measures taken, after that report every 6 months. Court used the term ‘Rohingya’ and also rejected Myanmar’s claim. Also asked Myanmar to stop genocide and atrocities against Rohingyas.