For timely auction of unclaimed goods

25 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism deserves praise for issuing an official instruction to the Customs authorities to accelerate the auction process of confiscated goods that have been piled up in various storehouses at Dhaka airport.

Imported goods are usually allowed to be cleared for home consumption by the Customs authorities if there is no restriction or prohibition. But, it is often noticed that the concerned importer does not clear the goods due to various reasons such as financial problems or lack of demand for the goods, et cetera.

In some cases, an importer does not even come forward to file the bill of entry for clearance of goods. As per rule, if the goods brought into Bangladesh from a place outside the country are not cleared for home consumption, such goods can be confiscated and disposed of by the authorities concerned within a stipulated time from the date of their unloading.

Customs authorities are empowered to confiscate the goods in favour of the state if the importer does not take release of the things even after getting notices from the relevant offices. Once goods are confiscated, the ownership is transferred to the government and the Customs becomes responsible for disposal of such goods through auction.

Presently, a huge volume of confiscated goods has now been lying at various warehouses. It has also been learnt that the Customs authorities have put some goods for auction, but the process has been ‘very slow.’ Because of this phenomenon, confiscated goods face the risk of getting damaged and the government would be the final loser. It could have been averted by conducting timely auction of the goods.

To bring things back to the right track, the ministry concerned has timely come forward asking the Customs authorities to expedite the auction process. We are hopeful that from now on regular auction of the confiscated goods would be done for the greater interest of the country.