Dhaka City Polls

Electioneering reaches its peak

Staff Correspondent

25 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Colourful campaigns of candidates from Awami League (AL) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) are underway throughout the capital ahead of the Dhaka North and South City Corporation elections due on February 1.

During visits to different parts of the city on Friday, candidates were seen distributing leaflets, attending meetings and speaking to voters and making promises for building a better Dhaka.

Apart from the street campaigns, digital campaigns through the internet and social media are also in full swing to woo the voters.

On the 15th day of the electioneering on Friday, candidates of AL and BNP have carried out their campaigns through rallies, indoor meetings to seek votes for ‘Boat’ and ‘Sheaf of Paddy’.

During the campaigns of the ruling party candidates, they highlight the achievements and development projects of the government alongside promising for building a beautiful capital without traffic

congestion and water-logging. BNP mayoral candidates are continuing to criticize the government and taking the election as a platform for movement for freeing their chairperson from jail.

Mayoral aspirant Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh of Awami League and Ishraque Hossain of BNP are contesting the elections to the Dhaka South City Corporation while Awami League’s Atiqul Islam is fighting against BNP’s Tabith Awal for the mayoral post of the Dhaka North City Corporation.

All the aspirants of AL and BNP have continued to make various promises to drum up support of voters in favour of their respective party symbols ‘Boat’ and ‘Sheaf of Paddy’.

While participating at a friendly cricket match as part of electioneering, DNCC mayoral candidate Atiqul Islam said that level playing field has been ensured in the city polls.

“Posters of opposition BNP candidate Tabith is more than me at Gulshan area that means level playing is ensured,” he said this after taking part in a friendly cricket match with youth at Gulshan youth club.

He came up with the remark as the BNP candidates complained that a level-playing field is yet to be ensured.

Hoping for a participatory election, Atiqul urged the Election Commission to ensure a voter-friendly atmosphere so that dwellers can come to the voting centres easily.

The AL’s DNCC mayoral aspirant said that he will recover all the playgrounds from grabbing if he elected mayor.

BNP’s DNCC mayoral candidate Tabith Awal alleged that conspiracy has been hatched to oust him from the election.

“They are trying to oust us from the vote. That’s why they attacked us but we will not step down from the voting ground,” he said while addressing at a roadside rally at Badda.

“There is no alternative to casting your vote in favour of my vote symbol to free Khaleda Zia from jail and bring back Tarique Rahman to home,” he said.

During his election campaign, DSCC mayoral candidate Taposh vowed that all dead canals of Dhaka city will be rescued to eliminate water-logging if he elected mayor.

“Many of canals have been occupied by the grabbers but all will be rescued if I am elected as mayor,” he said while carrying out electioneering at Gariar playground at Gendaria.

Regarding preserving the traditional establishment of Dhaka, Taposh said he will take initiatives to preserve old Dhaka heritage by coordinating with other organizations.

“City dwellers have accepted the 30-year term master plan for the development of Dhaka. I hope that the people of Dhaka will vote for me to choose their servant on February 1,” he said.

DSCC mayoral candidate of BNP, Ishraque said he will announce election manifesto on January 27.

“Although I have promised city people for developing Dhaka city I will officially announce election manifesto on January 27,” he said while conducting the poll campaign at Fariadabad area.

Terming incumbent mayor as useless, Ishraque said they (AL) have been in power for the last 11 years but they failed to change the city a bit.

“They will not be able to do anything in the future because they did not come to power through the people’s vote,” he said.

The last DNCC election was held in 2015. Sayeed Khokon was elected mayor of DSCC and Annisul Huq became mayor of DNCC. Later Atiqul Islam became DNCC mayor as the mayoral post there fell vacant following the death of Annisul Huq.