Villager felling palm tree rescues barn owl

22 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

DINAJPUR: A rare barn owl has been rescued from a village in Kaharol upazila of Dinajpur district, reports UNB.

The incident occurred in the village of Khorchonda, part of the No. 3 Mukundopur union in Kaharol on Sunday.

Locals informed that one Bimol Chandra Roy of village Khorchonda was felling a palm tree in front of his house in the evening when a ‘white owl’ fell out from it.

The white chest and characteristically heart-shaped face, which is also white, of the barn own leads to it sometimes being called the ‘white owl’.

The plumage on its head and back however is a mottled shade of brown, and speckled with dark markings.

At this time people from various walks of life from the entire village crowded the spot to catch a glimpse of the exotic-looking owl. Bimol eventually managed to safely enclose the medium-sized raptor in a cage for the night.

On Monday, it was handed over to the Forest Department.

Shariful Islam, acting officer of Kaharol upazila Forest Department, informed that the owl must have taken shelter in the palm tree due to the severe cold, lack of food and loss of forest cover.

“The barn owl is nearly on the verge of extinction in our country. It will soon be released,” Shariful said.

Fortunately it is the most widely distributed species of owl, and far from endangered around the world. According to the IUCN’s conservation status classification, the barn owl is in the ‘least concern’ category.