Speed up project implementation

21 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The government is implementing dozens of megaprojects which will yield a host of long-term benefits for the people of the country. Of them, ten are fast-track projects which are supposed to be implemented in the short run. Timely implementation of all such projects is necessary for socio-economic development of the country or else tax payer’s money is wasted. On that note, it is heartening that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday expressed her desire to incorporate more development initiatives in the list of fast-track projects.

The Premier could not have been more correct when she said proper and timely implementation of all development projects is necessary for the country’s quick progress. Her comment came at a time when slow pace of project implementation is not only responsible for project cost to go up but also public sufferings as well.

The most-cited reasons for the delay in project implementation are corruption, faulty project design and some fraudulent practices. It is often alleged that contractors procrastinate while implementing projects to maximise their earnings from delay and kickbacks, at the cost of national development. The Fast Track Project Monitoring Committee should check corrupt and unethical practices to ensure timely completion of megaprojects.

At present, construction work of even some of the much-hyped fast-track projects are moving at a snail’s pace. Steps must be taken to ratchet up the implementation work. If the projects are implemented properly and timely, it will not only go a long way in nation-building but also could generate employment opportunities for thousands.

It was indeed a bold and ambitious decision of the government to start implementing the 10 megaprojects, which includes the Padma Bridge, Rooppur Nuclear Power, Rampal Power plant, Dhaka metro rail and Payra Sea Port project involving a total cost of around USD 40 billion. Once implemented, these projects will change the face of Bangladesh by spurring GDP growth as well as by improving communication facilities.

There is no denying that the government can fulfill the pledges it made only by ensuring efficient implementation of development projects. So, the authorities concerned must figure out ways of accelerating the pace of fast-track as well as all mega development projects.