Dhaka City Elections 2020

Lofty promises on one side, concerns on another

Mahabub Alam and Rashidul Hasan

21 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

DNCC Ward No 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (East Uttara, Pallabi and Kafrul)

The wards of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) are riddled with various problems while five of them are the worst sufferers. 

Illegal drug and poor drainage system top the list.      

Besides, lack of sufficient walkways, playgrounds, and children’s park, pollution, ‘extortion’ of some policemen from illegal battery-run rickshaw pullers, dilapidated lanes, mugging, teen gang culture, gas and water supply shortage and recurrent house rent hike are the ones putting city life in trouble.

The problems were described by a number of voters of ward no. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in East Uttara, Pallabi and Kafrul under the DNCC which is going to hold its polls on January 30.

The candidates of Awami League, BNP and other political parties and independent candidates are as usual making their typical pledges to address all the issues if they are elected.

Ward-1: The ward covers Uttara Model Town ranging from Dhakshinkhan in the east and Horirampur union in the west and Tongi Brige in the north and international airport in the south having some 70,000 voters.

Two AL and BNP councilor candidates are vying for the victory. AL backed Afsar Uddin Khan, who is the incumbent councilor, is contesting the election with electoral symbol ‘Flower Basket’ and his prime rival BNP-supported Mostafizur Rahman Segun with ‘Push Cart.’

 Mubin Chowdhury, a resident of sector no.7 of Uttara, has told the daily sun that the open drainage is a major problem in the area. The drain causes the growth of mosquito.

A number of residents said that traffic jam and mugging are big problems there as well as illegal drugs.

They added that teenage gang is also a problem, which is mainly led by the children of rich people.

In ward-2: The ward covers Pallabi police station and Mirpur-12. The boundaries of the ward are — Manikadi in the east, Pallabi main road in the west, Harirampur Union in the north and Journalist plot in the south.

AL supported Kadam Ali Madbar with ‘Tiffin Carrier’, BNP backed and incumbent councilor Sazzad Hossain with ‘Kite,’ Jatiya Party nominated Aminul Hakim Nizam with ‘Top,’ Islami Andolaon Bangladesh backed Idris Hossain with ‘Flower Basket’ and AL rebel candidate Ismail Hossain Benu with ‘Push Cart’ symbols are vying for general councilor post in the ward.

The ward is battered by gas and water crises along with the need of a big graveyard for the Muslim community. 

The ward has 600 thousand inhabitants and more than 100 thousand voters are also facing problems like drug and poor healthcare facility.

Lack of community center, playground, health care and maternity center, park and waste management logistic supports are among other crises.

Amir Hossain, a resident of Shahidbag said, “There are some slums and a Pakistani camp under the corporation where there has no legal gas connection as they have no holding number. The basic civic demands are water, gas and electricity.

A local of the ward Abdur Rahman said, “There are some drug spots in the area and now the drug dealing is up in connivance with local police. The free style drug business may ruin our young generation. For that the elected councilor has to play a big role.”

Talking to daily sun, BNP supported candidate and incumbent councilor Sajjad claimed that during his tenure, in the last four and half years, he developed and renovated road, drainage and footpath networks through different development projects.

“Now, we have been facing gas and water crises as the pressure of gas is very low in the area and due to leakage in WASA supply pipe line we are getting dirty water.”

He added: “If voters elect me again, I will solve the problems by putting pressures on the authorities.”

Awami League backed candidate Kadam Ali Madbar could not be contacted for comment.

Sheikh Aminul Hakim Nizam, who is supported by Jaitya Party, said, “Most of the roads of our area are in good condition. We have some security problems for students of our educational institutions.”

During conversation with the correspondents, he promised to solve all problems he pointed out in his election manifesto.   

Ward-3: Located in Pallabi, it has more than 70,000 voters out of about two lakh people.

AL backed Jinnat Ali Madbar with ‘Push Cart,’ BNP supported Abu Tayub with ‘Kite,’ Firoj Mia with ‘Flower Basket,’ Jamal Hossain with ‘AC,’ Sadakat Khan Fakku with ‘Fork Spoon,’ incumbent Councillor Kaji Jahirul Islam Manik with ‘Radio’ Sirajul Islam with ‘Badminton Bat’  are the councilor post aspirants in the ward.

Illegal drug, poor drainage and gas supply shortage are major problems there.

Local people said that they were providing gas bills but do not get the supply sufficiently.

They have to use LP gas for cooking their every meal and buy bottle water to drink as the supply water is contaminated.

They said water gets stagnant here in rainy season for unplanned and poor drainage. The illegal drug trade continues with the help of some lawmen.

Ward-4 in Kafrul: The ward comprises Section-13’s Block-B and C, Tin-Shed Colony, Section-14’s Block-B, Section-14’s Block-B, Section-15’s B, Biddut Colony, Nam Garden, BRT Colony and nearby areas having some 52,000 voters out of about two lakh people.

AL nominated and incumbent councillor Jamal Mostofa with ‘Push Cart’, BNP backed Saiful Islam with ‘Kite’, Sabbir Dewan with ‘Hand Saw,’ Mofazzel Hossain with ‘Flower Basket,’ THM Taslim Uddin with ‘Radio’ are vying for the general councilor post.

Some residents said that the land grabbers grabbed the bank of a canal flowing in the ward.  The canal should be rescued from the occupants.

They need a playground.  They also stated the poor drainage system and illegal drug as big problems for them.

Jamal Mostofa said he did many development activities in the last five years. If he is elected for the next term, he will build a kitchen market, develop Baunia Canal, modernise the exiting community centre and overall build up a modern ward.

On the drugs, he said that the menace of drug decreased to a large extent.

BNP backed Saiful Islam said he would develop drainage system and build safe sidewalks. He will eliminate drug problems and secure area by installing CCTV cameras.

Ward-5:  The ward in Pallabi Thana has 78, 000 voters out of two lakh people.

There are seven general councilor post aspirants. They are AL backed and incumbent councilor Abdur Rouf Nannu with ‘Push Cart,’ BNP backed Anwar Hossain Rony with ‘Flower Basket,’ Ruhul Amin with ‘Top,’ Jewel Rana with ‘Tiffin Carrier,’ Bulbul Ahmed Mollik with ‘Kite,’ Anwar Hossain with ‘Radio,’ and Shukkur Sheikh with ‘Badminton Bat.’

Mostly lower income group people, including garment workers, live in the ward.

Workers demanded safe sidewalks so that they can go to their workplace on foot.

Some residents said they need a children park and playground.

The menace of drug is said to be major problem for the residents. A community centre is a must for them.  

When contacted Abdur Rouf Nannu told the daily sun if he is elected further, he would recover grabbed land and meet the demand of the locals.

He claimed that he could complete 70 percent development work in the area.

BNP-backed Anwar Hossain said that he will build a drug-free society.