HopeIn brings new hope

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20 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

HopeIn brings new hope

A group of Bangladeshi youths have developed a digital platform – HopIn – to facilitate ride-sharing for students and middle-class jobholders.

The platform will ensure ‘maximum safety’ for female users in the newly introduced carpooling service in Dhaka, service developer mentioned in a statement.

HopIn is a car-sharing service where students get to ‘Share-A-Car’ option with university mates and the system is an app based ride-sharing service which connects you with other university students traveling in the same direction.

HopIn has introduced a service where a car will be shared by four people in a specific route. For ensuring the safety of women, the cars for men and women are separate. Also, the drivers are well trained to face any kind of unpredictable situations.

HopIn Chief Executive Ridwan Hossain said the platform is now maintain operation in two specific routes with four cars and HopIn has served over six hundred of students and gained 120 loyal customers within two months of operation.

“Within next month corporate jobholders will be able to take HopIn service. New routes will be integrated very soon eventually the service will cover the whole capital city,” added Ridwan explaining the future planning of the platform.

The HopeIn team is a flock of young birds include Chief Executive Ridwan Hossain who co-founded the platform as a brainchild along with chief operating officer Ibrahim Khalilullah, chief administrative officer Nafisa Alam and chief technical officer Saif Ahammod Khan.