Bogura farmers worried as Aman price falls

Our Correspondent

20 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

BOGURA: Prolong low market price of T-Aman paddy has made the farmers worried in Bogura this pick season as they depend on production cost on the paddy.

Meanwhile, the peasant of Aman paddy has become dishearten for low market price and seeking the way of getting rid of the problem. Prolong falling prices have wiped the smile of their faces

According to Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) office source the farmers have achieved over 7 lakhs tonnes of fresh yield this season as the farmer have been provided all sort of necessary agri-input.

As a result, they have sold some 4 lakhs tonnes of paddy during harvesting period to pay the harvesting cost. They keep the rest of the rice to pay the expense of boro rice production cost.

The peasants in the district have achieved a bumper yield as they planted hybrid SL-8, BRI-28-29, BRI 47 and BINA-10 variety of rice according to the suggestion of DAE. The low market price makes the farmers worried.

“The farmers have kept their produced paddy to bear boro rice cultivation expenditure with high price.” said agriculture officer Faridur Rahman. “From the high-yielding variety, farmers have got about five to six tonnes of paddy from each hectare of fertile land.” he added.

While visiting the kitchen markets the correspondent found farmer as well as hoarder are selling each maund of Aman paddy at cost Tk 700 to 730 whereas the farmer desire Tk 1200 to 1300 for the same amount.

Farmers complain to the correspondent that they produce a maund of clean paddy costing around Tk 700 to 750 but selling at Tk 600. Some of the farmers are returning home without selling their paddy with the present price.

Md Abul Kahem Azad, deputy director of DAE, said the price of recently harvested Aman paddy is bellowing the desire of peasant across the region. The peasant would bring more cropland coming season if they get benefited, he added.