Cybercriminals go unpunished

Mahabub Alam

19 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Many cybercriminals go unpunished as most of the victims don’t report the crimes with law-enforcers fearing police harassments and to protect their social dignity.

Such lack of resistance is encouraging cybercriminals to continue the crimes, experts said.

Honours student Arifa Islam (not her real name) stopped using social media after a hacker hacked her Immo and Facebook IDs about a month ago.

She is somewhat fortunate that the known hacker did not spread anything against her on the internet. But he tried to force her to make a relationship with him.

Arifa, a third-year student of Mohanagar Mahila College at Old Dhaka, refused to disclose the name of the hacker to the Daily Sun.

She says: “I first wanted to lodge a complaint with police, but did not do so considering my social dignity, personal security and potential harassment as a result of lodging any complaint.”

Like Arifa’s social media accounts’ hacker, such culprits get off scot-free as complaints are not lodged against them with law enforcers.

Wishing not to be named, a youth, a private company job holder, said one of his enemies hacked his account and spread his personal photos in the internet.

“After knowing, I contacted him and made a good relation with him to get back my account. I did not contact with police fearing harassment,” he said.      

The acts of disabling or taking control of anyone’s social media accounts are punitive offences as per the Digital Security Act-2018’s Section no. 18, 19 and 34.

The offender may serve five years in jail and face fines for such offences.

Cyber Police Centre (CPC) of the Criminal Investigation Department and Cyber Security and Crime Division of Counter-Terrorism unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police mainly investigates the cyber crimes and arrest criminals.

When contacted, head of the CPC and Deputy Inspector General of the CID Md Shah Alam told the Daily Sun that police detect and take down the malicious social media pages or websites—such as, pages promoting prostitution, gambling and betting.

But if the victim of a cyber crime doesn’t report the crime, the cops have nothing to do in this regard, he said, adding that individual victims must inform the law-enforcers to bring the criminals to book.

On the harassment, he said that police did not harass anyone. 

The Cyber Security and Crime Division said its members arrested a total of 50 habitual, sophisticated and other types of hackers in the last two years.

It also prepared a list of 150 social media hackers. They hacked the social media IDs of various celebrities, politicians and general citizens.

Many of the listed hackers are now staying abroad. The Cyber Security and Crime Division said that the hackers, who are now in the country, will be arrested very soon.

And the guardians of those who are living abroad will be called in and informed about the crimes their children are committing.