Make shelters for the homeless

16 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

A lot of foot-over bridges have been constructed in the capital to avert road accidents, ensure pedestrians’ safety and smooth running of vehicles. But, most of them are seen occupied by homeless people, beggars and others, much to the inconvenience of the pedestrians. There are also allegations of unwanted incidents like snatching, mugging and anti-social activities on the bridges. Nowadays, most of the street people are one kind of environmental migrants. Natural disasters like flood, drought, cyclone, riverbank erosion et cetera hit the country every year turning the villagers pauper and uprooting them from rural areas. Finally, the floating people migrate to cities and take living in there. But for lack of shelters, this floating population takes refuge on the streets or foot-over bridges. For mere survival, they often resort to crimes.

Because of economic reasons the number of homeless people is growing rapidly. Life on the streets means a nightmare and the final deprivation of fundamental constitutional rights. So, it is the duty and responsibility of the administration as well as the well-off sections of the society to provide them with minimum shelter, besides finding ways for their quick employment. These days, instead of employing the required number, most of the major businesses are cutting down their staff and even stopped new recruitment. Unless corrected, the benefits of development will not trickle down to the poor. As a society we have a duty to ensure shelter for the homeless. Shelters should be built for them in a planned way and wherever suitable.

Reducing homelessness to functional zero in all member states by 2030 is an Agenda for UN Sustainable Development Goal. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has come forward to achieve the objective. It is her vision to put poor people’s needs at the heart of it.

 As a measure to stop seeing people passing their nights on the streets and on the foot-bridges which hurts the country’s image there is no choice but to build shelters. We must all put our hands together to make this happen, especially the two city fathers.